Heritage Stonemason Carver
This old Kenworth is slowly being restored by myself with
some modern touches
The aim is to keep it working while the resto continues.

The truck is a 1976 K125CR. The specs are.....

engine       14ltr turbo charged  V8 Cummins diesel  VT903
Transmission  RT915  15 speed roadranger deep reduction
rear axles                             44 000lb Rockwells
rear suspension               Kenworth Torsion Bars
you can see the lower cab apron done in stainless steel ,  this will be
fitted with LED clearance lights in the future, the wheels are original
Dayton 5 spoke, painted a Holden metallic gold, fuel tank straps are
painted the same. Kenworth chrome centre caps complete the wheels
Kenworth SS covers are fitted over the vent doors
Stainless steel will also replace the rusted painted battery box
Below.. I replaced the KW bullbars for a 70's look KW gullwing bumper. I ended up fitting a W900 model
gullwing bumper which I liked better.
The K100 version had to have a cutout to clear the steering box arm but the same can be achieved by
stepping out the bumper.
Interior was in a reasonable shape when I acquired it. Original KW air ride driver seat I had recovered to match the splender KW trim.
Cyclo panels above were in a sorry state so a inserted carpeted panels for a tidier look. Lots of little pieces were missing, like the interior
vents, knobs and replacement KW switches were found from Kenworth trucks.
The KW has the originally fitted
white steering wheel and KW centre
console fan.
The shifter is the old 70 's silver  
fleck type. Some new chrome button
covers and a new ignition switch
finish off the console. A new radio is
yet to be installed. The interior door
panels are refinished and also
feature new OEM armrests.

Outside the doors, new SS mirror
heads are fitted.
Some more sleeper interior work to
Below .. The VT903 still needs to be detailed  although
being overhauled recently. It' currently produces 400hp.
A single 5 in exhaust stack is currently fitted, dual 5 in and dual intakes
are planned in the future.  Also planned further is intercooling.
I took the old plastic fenders off the rear drives and fitted  new smooth SS ones. The original brackets were repositioned and painted along with
the chassis. The rear wheels were painted using silver finish but I would like to eventually chrome plate them. Baby moon's cover the axles
Above..chassis detailing, my custom built
stoplights and the self built SS centre cover.
KW flaps full width.
Above some detail pictures.. Below..... This is how the old KW looked when I first brought her home.
In order that the labour of centuries past may not be in vain during centuries to come..... Denis Diderot   1752.
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Kenworth K125 Restoration work in progress
Below rear kenworth mudflaps and stainless deck plates and together with the other project, a LN8000 Louisville
view here  
CLICK  Free PDF 60's K100 cab structure  (5Mb)
These are the previous owner pictures as he had her.
Below... Now in a semi restored state with a few things still left to do.
This is a little project I've been building to haul parts I've bought around various swapmeets I get to.