Heritage Stonemason Carver
SPEEDY ......a Speedwell "Poular Deluxe"
MY EVERYDAY TRANSPORT....Is one of 5  trusty
Cannondale Super V's (bicycles)
towing the brilliant BOB trailer    (Beast of Burden)
Great for tools, shopping and touring.
AND Speedy a Speedwell Popular Deluxe single speed
The  stonework I do allows me to travel to some
great cycling areas and these are the bicycles I have
owned for sometime, due to their durability. The
love of history draws me to old buildings, old
bicycles, old boats and old trucks.
Speedy the unrestored workhorse
Speedwell Popular Deluxe round 50 years old now.
SPEEDY's frame has not been altered but he does have clipless pedals, alloy wheels and a Cannondale saddle.
All original parts have been kept for later use.
Off to work towing the BOB trailer.
Ive found it a good unit being able to carry
heavy tools, boots, esky and all.
And dare I say the odd bag of cement !
In order that the labour of centuries past may not be in vain during centuries to come..... Denis Diderot   1752      
Eco Ethics
Your Bicycle Hand Carved in Stone.
Modified BOB trailer utilising solar power
Heritage Stonemason Carver
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